Symfuhny Chokes During Tfue tfault Scrims

tfue peencord scrims symfuhny funny 1v1 fail

Tfue peencord scrims are a hot item with players pleading to enter and compete with the best Fortnite pros on the planet.

Fortnite Battle Royale is most popular game in the world. When something big happens, news quickly spreads across the Fortnite community and social media.  If something happens while Tfue is live streaming, you can be sure word will make it’s way around the community. With 40-60K concurrent viewers per live stream, Tfue’s channel is a central hub for Fortnite entertainment.

Tfault scrims

Tfue has his own Discord server to host scrims with his own rule settings. The scrims, tfault, are extremely popular with Tfue’s live streams consisting of himself squading with other pros. As of late, the squad usually consists of, Tfue, Symfuhny, NateHill, 72hrs, Chap and others.

Symfuhny Chokes

Mason “Symfuhny” Lanier is known for his fast edits and funny personality. Currently a free agent, Synfuhny has a couple of top 10 Summer and Fall Skirmish finishes under his resume. When playing peencord scrims with Tfue he is usually picked on and made fun because of his easygoing personality. During a recent squad scrim, Symfuhny is playing with Tfue, 72hrs,  and Chap. With his 3 teammates eliminated and under 30HP health, Symfuhny was locked in for a 1v1. The pressure was different because all 3 teammates including Tfue were live streaming while watching him finish the game.

With the storm quickly closing in, he begins editing walls to make his way into zone until he stumbles upon a wall that did not belong to him. Tfue and the others immediately notice that Symfuhny is in trouble as his edit fails and all three start to laugh as Symfuhny dies by storm. Symfuhny is usually the punching bag of the squad that Tfue and others seem to pick on, which makes this clip even funnier that it happened to him.


Tfue Roasting Continues

The following night Tfue fires up his twitch stream and immediately gets back to burning him regarding his failed 1v1.


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