Streamer Updates: Ninja has a go at Epic, CourageJD spots changes on the map

Ninja has a go at Epic, CourageJD spots changes on the Fortnite Battle Royale Map
Imagesource: Twitter @Ninja & @CouRageJD

Streamer Updates: Ninja has a go at Epic, CourageJD spots changes on the map which concludes his prophecy.

Ninja recently got frustrated with the fact that Epic still hasn’t fixed their “auto-pick up ” feature. In his recent stream, Ninja tried to land exactly on a gun and ends up picking up only the ammo instead of getting both.

Later in the stream, he tells his viewers that Epic had made a total of two “boo-boos” (mistakes).

  • Bringing in an over powered sword, which they did get rid off a few days later.
  • Getting rid of risky reels and not bringing in anything yet.

Ninja says he loves that fact that Epic is going to incorporate users builds onto “The Block”, but he feels that Epic is taking too much time and leaving an empty space all this which in risky is a major “Boo-Boo”. The recent changes also impacts Ninja’s ability with quick-keys which he has over his competitors. Ninja’s very good with maneuvering and picking up items simultaneously, so with the recent changes done by Epic Games, this takes Ninja of his game (a bit).

If Ninja is experiencing this drawback, so is everyone else which leaves us on equal playing grounds again. But doing a command on your keyboard since the beginning of Fortnite Battle Royale, and now changing that action is a little annoying to say the least.

Epic is taking too much time on getting “the block” and its features implemented. With the rate at which Epic made announcements and brought in mythical weapons, Epic should have at given us a taste of whats to come with a few of their own prebuilds. As of now, Risk reels is a dead spot as far as gameplay is concerned

CourageJD Spots changes and guess whats to come next

On the borders of paradise palms, Courage spots “patches of green grass” filling in.Courage who’s always in the mood for some Fortnite conspiracy theories, says by the end of season 7, paradise Palms will no longer be a desert. He marks the spots where you can already see patches of green grass filing in, it certainly does look like Paradise palms is going to change in a bit.

CourageJD Spots changes and guess whats to come next on Fortnite Battle Royale
Image source:

Courage adds in more spice by saying that in the next 6 months the ice will melt completely revealing more information about previous sesons hints such as the dinosaur bones and other items.

Clips of both the above mentioned instances can be found in a Fortnite highlight montage below. Courage’s prophecy starts at 10:45 on the video timeline.

Epic is clearly trying to develop a game that keeps evolving day on day. Feedback from such pro streamers are critical and surely Epic has hired research experts to take such feedback from the public and improve the game. Epic did not hesitate one bit to vault the sword as soon it they understood that players did not like it one bit.

As long as players are loud, vocal and together with what they want, Epic is ready to incorporate suggestions on its update without taking much time.

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