Shroud Gives Advice On Making Fortnite Esports Ready

shroud gives advice on making fortnite esports ready
source: Shroud Youtube

Popular FPS game streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek shares his thoughts on Fortnite and how to make it E-sports ready

Ex-Counter-Strike pro and now a popular streamer, Shroud shares his ideas on Fortnite. Shroud is known to be a popular streamer, however, his fame came from a solid CS:GO player for Cloud9. He is known for his amazing reflexes while some nicknaming him the ‘human aimbot’. He started streaming with Pubg but always dips into playing the newest variety of FPS games including Fortnite.

To Shroud the best way of making a game e-sports ready apparently is to communicate with your pro players. Shroud said ” It is really easy to make an Esports friendly game and here is what you need to do. Just listen to your pro community. That is all you need to do. Nothing else.”

Fortnite Esports Situation

Of course, this is coming after the Fortnite Winter Royale. The tournament, was a great until the Season 7 update rolled in.

Therefore, many pro players voiced concerns about the changes. Furthermore, the X-4 Stormwing Plane and the Infinity Blade changed the outcome of several matches and affected the tournament way more than most people anticipated. Popular Fortnite streamer Tyler”Ninja”Blevins went as far as saying ”This is not what we qualified for.”

Fortnite is global, therefore, many players are trying to enter the Fortnite Arena. However for them to enter, the setting of the game must have stability. As Shroud said there needs to be a constant connection between pro players and the game developers. The Season 7 changes and the addition of Infinity Blade were done so fast that even the pro players were unable to adjust themselves to the changes because the very next day there was the semi-finals. We do hope that Epic Games will have a constant connection between them and the pro community.

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