Saf clutches, wins Secret Skirmish Duos, while Bizzle takes home Solo Crown

Ghost Saf wins Secret Skirmish duos

Saf 6 eliminations in the closing moments secures Secret Skirmish Duo event with Ronaldo, here is how it unfolded.  

Saf and Ronaldo take home the first leg of the Secret Skirmish event, winning the duo event and $27,000. While his teammate Bizzle takes home the solo event. Ghost gaming shows their dominance as the team wins both events.

The Secret Skirmish Duos event consisted of 50 randomized teams, with 6 games to play. Ghost Saf was paired with Ronaldo and lurked in the top 10 for most of the event. With the top of the leaderboad bunched up after 5 games, Saf clutched up in the final game, with six eliminations, winning the duo event.

The deciding game

Fortnite Secret Skirmish Final Prize Standings

The Secret Skirmish duo event was nothing too exciting for the first 5 games. Tfue and Dmo jumped out to a big lead after winning game 1, then did nothing for the remaining games. Bizzle and Triggy were also tied at the top of the leaderboard for pretty much the whole event. Many teams had a shot to win it as it all came down to game 6. However, it was Saf and Ronaldo who showed up for game 6. With Ronaldo out, Saf single handily won the event in the final moments taking out the final two players on his own. He ended up with 6 eliminations on his own. Combined with Ronaldo’s 1 elim, the duo ended up with 16 points taking home the duos victory.

Final Moments

Here is a clip showing the final moments of how Saf did it to help secure the victory. Saf and Ronaldo lurked in 5th position after 4 games. However, it was the duo’s big performance in game 6 that was the deciding factor.

What’s Next

Fortnite Secret Skirmish Player Rosters

Game Life nailed the winner of the Solo event as we predicted 6 players to watch out for:  players who have the best chance to win the Secret Skirmish solo event.

Bizzle Wins Secret Skirmish Solos
Bizzle Wins Fortnite Secret Skirmish
ghost gaming

Less then 24 hours after Saf won the duos event, his teammate Bizzle, wins the final two games of the solo event, winning his first ever major Fortnite Solo Event.

Bizzle Secret Skirmish earnings

Here are the closing moments of Bizzle’s game 6 win.

Congratulations Ghost Gaming

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