A Rift Appeared at the Football Stadium in Fortnite

  • Fortnite Battle Royale Season X map is continuing to change and rifts are the reason behind it. Find out what is new in the FN map.

Rift at the Football Stadium in Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale Season X is evolving and the map is changing with it. We have seen some interesting changes to the map up to this point. Fortnite Season 10 did not start with an entirely new map like some we’re hoping, however, Epic did alter some areas. Fortnite Season X, as you all know, took the map back in time before the meteor struck from season 4. However not all areas are affected equally.
We still have the Zero Point at the Loot Lake and the map changes by rifts, We started to see some small changes with the Rift. However, this means that we will be seeing much more changes throughout the season. The game got particularly interesting after the Tilted Town change. Players not able to build and etc. However Epic Games announced that the Rifts will continue throughout the entire season. Also BRUTE will not be out of the game anytime soon.

Today we have seen a new rift at the Football Stadium. This is interesting as the Football Stadium was one of the locations that was untouched for seasons. The Football stadium was not on the first Season Map. But after we have seen it did not change that much. It was never a very sought after drop zone by players. Due to the lesser loot compared to other places and open areas that can be particularly fatal.

Rift at the Football Stadium in FN
Source: Epic
The change at the Football Stadium can shift the players drop zones if it includes better loot of course. The more interesting thing is that we can see some new rules getting applied to this zone. Maybe players will not be allowed to use some set of items in that area. However, this type of mini and different games are important for the players. It does bring a unique flavor to the game.

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