RiceGum Shows Outfit on Fortnite Stream. Instagram Model Laughs.

RiceGum Shows Outfit Fortnite Stream. Instagram Model Laughs Savannah Palacio @savpalacio .
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RiceGum loves playing Fortnite Battle Royale, and streaming it on his Twitch account. He also likes to show off what he’s wearing and get his viewers opinions. This time, he showed off what he was wearing to Savannah Palacio, an Instagram model. This was her reaction.

Savannah Palacio and RiceGum

One of RiceGum’s most featured Instagram model is Savannah Palacio. There’s a reason RiceGum keeps inviting Savannah on his stream. One of the reasons is because Savannah Palacio is his cousin, but another reason is because of the synergy they have. Savannah Palacio is not only beautiful, but incredibly down to earth. She can have deep conversations with RiceGum, as well as having light-hearted and funny convos.


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She’s a real hit on his channel, and RiceGum’s viewers are always happy when she’s on. Perhaps they should make a RiceGum and Savannah Show? Viewers know when she’s on his stream, it’s going to be fun the whole way through.

RiceGum Shows Outfit on Fortnite Stream. Instagram Model Laughs.

During one of RiceGum’s streams, he was playing Fortnite Battle Royale with @savpalacio as a guest on his channel. At one point, RiceGum mentioned his new pajamas that he got and @savpalacio asked if she can see it. That’s when this happened.

As Ricegum got up, Savannah said, “Awww, super cute. I think I have those exact sweatpants“.  In which RiceGum replied, “REALLY??“. Savannah says, “I think I do ,really”. RiceGum continues,

“Prove it! Naw just kiddin”

Seems things were a little awkward for Rice for a bit 0.5 seconds, but everything washed over. RiceGum then continued to talk, saying he has the best job ever as he’s able to sit in his gaming chair the whole day in his Pajamas. Seems like most people would like to sit at home in their Pajamas to work.

“How do I become a famous YouTuber like you?”

We can respond on behalf of RiceGum by saying, “hard work” and many years of streaming.

RiceGum Savannah Palacio @savpalacio Twitch YouTube Instagram Model
Image source: twitch.tv/ricegum

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