RiceGum is Savage. Tells Lauren Skeoch He Prefers Quick Rundown

RiceGum is Savage. Tells Lauren Skeoch He Prefers Quick Rundown
Images source: instagram.com/thelaurenskeoch / RiceGum Youtube

RiceGum was savage during on of his streams while talking to Instagram Model, Lauren Skeoch. After asking Lauren a question, she responded in detail, and that’s when RiceGum said this.

Who is Lauren Skeoch?

Lauren Skeoch, also tagged as @thelaurenskeoch on her Instagram, is a professional model out of Tampa Bay Florida. Lauren Skeoch works under Seven Model & Talent Management Inc, however, she also has an affiliation with UTG and is a Benz Models. On top of it all, she regularly posts on Twitter and Instagram, showcasing her modeling shoots and what she’s been up to.

If you have visited any of her social channels, you’ll tell she’s an incredibly busy person.


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As well, Lauren Skeoch is the daughter of Tommy Skeoch, famous guitarist for the Rock Band Tesla. If you’re an 80’s baby, you’ll definitely know who these bad boys are as they were rocking the scene throughout the 1980’s and mid 90’s. From the picture, you can tell Lauren got her healthy hair from her dad.

Lauren Skeoch tesla band 80s Tommy Instagram Model @thelaurenskeoch

RiceGum is Savage. Teases Lauren Skeoch.

RiceGum is a famous Twitch streamer that plays Fortnite Battle Royale. While he streams Fortnite, he also has guests on his stream. There’s one thing though, he only invites Instagram models on his Twitch streams. Perhaps he’s able to engage more with beautiful women on his stream, but nonetheless it always leads to exciting topics and conversation.

During one of his Fortnite streams, he invited Lauren Skeoch to be a guest on his channel. At one point in the stream, RiceGum asked Lauren about her necklace, because he noticed she was wearing a half-moon. Then this happened.

RiceGum being himself, saw the opportunity to tease Lauren by saying that he doesn’t want a full story (as a response about Lauren’s necklace).

“Yo yo yo I just wanted like a quick rundown, I didn’t want a whole paragraph story.” – RiceGum

And then Lauren comes back with a quick response:

“Well you’re asking a model. I go through all the details of the outfit because that’s what I feel like I’m suppose to do”.

Looks like RiceGum didn’t expect that quick response, and then proceeded to change the subject as he lost the battle.

RiceGum Fortnite Battle Royale Lauren Skeoch @thelaurenskeoch Instagram Model
Image source: twitch.tv/ricegum

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