RiceGum Receives Dating Advice from Instagram Model?

RiceGum Receives Dating Advice from Instagram Model
Image courtesy of twitch.tv/ricegum

RiceGum was getting some dating advice from an Instagram Model. Find out what she had to say.

RiceGum Receives Dating Advice from Instagram Model?

RiceGum is known for having cuties on his live stream while playing Fotnite Battle Royale. He just doesn’t play Fortnite as he’s one multi-talented dude. On top of Fortnite, RiceGum is an artist, making music videos (associated with RIAA) as well as making some soft appearances on TV; like that time he was featured in the Super bowl LII commercial for headphones.

Another Beautiful Soul

RiceGum was streaming one of his Fortnite games and he had a special guest; Savannah Palacio. For those who aren’t familiar with Savannah Palacio, she’s makes fashion and beauty videos as well as vlogs during her travels around the world.

She’s big on YouTube and Instagram where she has over 100,000+ Followers combined.


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A post shared by Savannah 🦋 (@savpalacio) on

RiceGum Listens In

While playing Fortnite, RiceGum was having a conversation with @savpalacio and then became very attentive when she started talking about what she looks for:

“Sometimes I’m just looking for someone to like, I dunno, talk to and have a good time with”

At this point, RiceGum looks like he’s taking mental notes; perhaps to swing in and be THAT guy Savannah can talk to, or have a good time with? RiceGum is known to have beautiful instragram models on his stream, but its the first time the conversation got a little serious, and as we all know, being a good listener is always a good trait to have!

Of course playing Fortnite does help in that matter.


RiceGum Receives Dating Advice from Instagram Model Esports Fortnite Battle Royale
Image courtesy of Twitch.tv/ricegum
Catch the Twitch clip here (RiceGum Receives Dating Advice):

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