RiceGum Likes What This Instagram Model Does for Work

RiceGum Likes What this Instagram Model Does for Work
Image source: twitch.tv/ricegum, instagram.com/lesizzl

RiceGum was streaming Fortnite Battle Royale during one of his Twitch.tv streams while talking to an Instagram model. during a point of their conversation, he asked her what she does for work. This is her response.

Who is @lesizzl?

Leslie “lesizzl” Contreras is a talented Pianist who likes to do lots of crazy things like her recent skydiving video on her YouTube channel (here). She has a fun bubbly personality, but when she’s keeping it on the downlow, lesizzl’s an Instagram model where she takes pictures of her latest outfits, and just the beautiful scenery all around Cali.

She has social media accounts across all the big players, however, she’s mostly active on her Instagram and Twitter accounts where she has the most followers. Her YouTube channel has some clips up, and they’re fun to watch which we hope she’ll be adding more in the future. She started her channel around 2 months ago where she already has close to 5,000 subscribers, an impressive amount in such little time.

Leslie Contreras Fortnite RiceGum notkozyles lesizzl
Image source: instagram.com/lesizzl
RiceGum Leslie “lesizzl” Contreras a Call

RiceGum, who’s known as the multi-talented YouTube star has a lot going for him. He has his own YouTube channel where he has millions of followers. When he’s not doing music videos (which isn’t too often), he’s posting crazy videos on his channel like his underwater date with his crush, going shopping on black Friday, and recently addressing H3H3’s callout video.

If you’re looking to watch someone entertaining, RiceGum is your man.

Leslie Contreras Fortnite RiceGum notkozyles lesizzl Game Life
Image source: instagram.com/lesizzl

On top of everything, RiceGum likes to stream Fortnite on his Twitch channel. However, he doesn’t stream like the rest of the Fortnite players on that platform. He adds a twist where he invites beautiful Instagram models on his streams to talk about a variety of topics. On one of his episodes, he called the beautiful Leslie “lesizzl” Contreras to be his sidekick for the day.

Santa’s Helper?

During the Fortnite stream, RiceGum and lesizzl were talking about working and that’s when RiceGum came in and said,

“I respect the grind. Get the bread no matter all costs”

Essentially what he meant is thjat no matter what you do, he has respect for people who will work and do anything for a living. That’s when Leslie “lesizzl” Contreras came in and told RiceGum what she was doing.

In the clip above, lesizzl came back with her response, saying she has a “seasonal job”, which means she changes jobs frequently during the year. Since the holidays are finished, lesizzl said she was santas helper.

“I work with Santa right now. So I’m like, a Santa’s little helper”.

At that point Rice chuckled a little, probably because it’s the cutest thing he heard all day. He then told lesizzl that “he’s not laughing” as both were cracking up. Rice kept repeating himself that he wasn’t laughing while lesizzl wasn’t buying it.

Then Rice said: “You were an elf? You be dressing as an elf?”. This was all in good humor as RiceGum was just teasing lesizzl, and Leslie knew that so she didn’t look like she took offense.

Leslie Contreras Fortnite RiceGum notkozyles lesizzl Battle Royale Twitch
Image source: twitch.tv/ricegum

Who will be next on RiceGum’s Fortnite Instagram Model streams? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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