Polar peak is more than just a castle!

Polar peak is more than just a castle! Fortnite Battle Royale Ninja

Polar peak is more than just a castle!

With the introduction of Snow, Ice and a major extension to the map, everyone thought that polar peak was just another high-rise Castle underneath a lot of snow! But apparently, there’s way more to that! German YouTuber, has posted a video in which he has managed to glitch his way beneath the castle!. Not much was revealed in this video, but clearly it’s not just a castle underneath the ice.

Video clip from StanPlay:

The YouTuber manages to get a peak of a new “medieval themed town” underneath the castle head. He managed to achieve this feat through various re-spawns and using other inventory items such as the “port a fort”.

You can see stone walkways and other incomplete architectural remains of different structures. This suggests that a “medieval” town with high walls surroundings is coming into the game. Looks like Epic plans to roll back the years and visit the tough old gladiator era.

Making sense of things

It makes sense for the Polar Peak “reveal” not to be just a castle. A castle was already introduced last season, the one located close to haunted hills. Not many players prefer to visit the castle as it’s considered a stale spot unlike all the other cities and towns. The introduction of a medieval town would be a fresh look with an old ingredient for Fortnite.


We might get a preview of whats to come in the next patch/update. The full town will surely not be reviewed this month, I’m assuming. As weeks go by, the snow is ideally set to melt and parts of the medieval town should reveal itself in the coming months. But it’s pretty obvious that the whole of this town will reveal itself before the end of season. Ideally, Epic does not like to make its crowd wait with regards to a “build up” and it looks like they have a lot of other plans in the works as well.

As mentioned in our previous post, the introduction of a melee weapon in the form of a sword, might one of the stand-out update this season. A medical island to go with the sword, doesn’t sound as far fetched either.

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