Players Are Complaining Over The New Fortnite Battle Pass. It Looks Like More Grind And Less Fun.

Players Are Complaining Over The New Fortnite Battle Pass More Grind And Less Fun.
  • Players are unhappy with the new Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass, and they have every reason to be upset. Let’s find out what the problem is.

Fortnite Chapter 2 was an instant hit since Epic Games finally added a brand new map. This was enough to stir the pot again and rejuvenate a two-year-old game. However, now Epic Games is facing another problem. Players are unhappy with the Battle Pass in the game. When Epic Games were promoting the chapter to Fortnite players, they were stating that the new Battle Pass is “more fun less grind“. However, according to many players, this season has the most grind that they need to do in order to level up their battle pass. This is extremely important for some of the players because people are paying money for this and want to get the best experience possible. Also, Epic Games can not make blunders like this, especially after an under-performing Season 10. They need to maintain players especially since their main competitor, Apex Legends, is doing everything right at the moment.

Why Is The Grind a Problem?

Some players are saying they need a lot of hours to put into the game in order to reach Level 100 of their Battle Pass. How is that a problem you might think? Several players are stating that you need to invest a minimum of eight hours in a day. Also, a minimum of five hours a day if you complete everything. It’s hard to do the math considering there are many variables in play, however, there are several threads opened by players on the FortniteBR Reddit page giving their explanation of this supposed problem.

Most players are buying the battle pass in order to reach level 100 to unlock the rarest skins in Fortnite. These skins are season locked they will never be offered again. Currently, most players are saying that there’s no way that they will be able to reach level 100 in order to get their skins; the main reason they purchased the battle pass in the first place.

For a season described as “less grind, more fun”, this battle pass is far too grindy and almost no fun to level up. from FortNiteBR

Less grind more fun? XP system sucks. from FortNiteBR

Not only skins as we all know generally players who reach Level 100 on their Battle Pass can get their Battle Pass for the next season with the V-Bucks they earned. If players cannot reach Level 100 they might not be able to continue with their pass and this is another problem.


Players are stating that the new punch card system after Level 10 is obsolete. Currently, it does not give enough XP to level up, and this is something that Epic Games should fix in order to give players a feeling of accomplishment; the more work you put, the greater the rewards. Another problem is how disoriented the bots are ever since they’ve been introduced in the game. Currently, players are seriously unhappy with this. Casual Games are filled with Bots now. Additionally, with the recent SBMM (Skill Based Matchmaking) changes these bots are creating problems in the system. Players are stating that they won several matches just because the bots were the final players. Epic Games need to fix these problems before it becomes like Season 10. Hopefully, they will listen to their fans.

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