Players Accuse FaZe Dubs of Cheating

Players Accuse FaZe Dubs of Cheating
  • Pro FaZe Clan player dubs is accused of cheating and teaming up with Waffles during Fortnite Solo Cash Cup.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a huge scene for players, and currently with Fortnite World Cup canceled, even the little tournaments are much more important to players now. Fortnite Cash Cups are one of these esports tournaments and it is a quick way of earning some money for the time being. When we are taking a deep look into the Fortnite esports arena we can see that there have been some incidents over the past few years with pro-players cheating. However, the one thing we did not see is teaming up in the Fortnite Cash Cup.

Epic Games is against players teaming up in solo matches and we saw even Lazarbeam getting banned for pranking his friends by teaming up with other players in a non-competitive match.

FaZe Dubs is Cheating?

This time we have something interesting in our hands, as players just accused FaZe Clan player Dubs of cheating during Fortnite Cash Cup. The incident happened yesterday as Waffles and Dubs dropped together to a POI and did not even fight with each other. Also, they even shared a chest while they fought with other players. This was highly suspicious, but things got a bit more interesting as Waffles and Dubs shot someone with a 3-2-1 count together. They both finished in the top 10 during Fortnite Solo Cash Cup and Epic Games did not comment on it until now.

However, we do know that Epic Games does not take this lightly and they will most likely ban Dubs and Waffles from the game for some time. Epic Games is very strict about banning players from cheating even for laughs as we have seen in the past before. Teaming up is against Fortnite Solo Cash Cup’s ruleset. Most probably they will be removed from the leaderboards and will not be able to get their earnings as well. However, they might also be banned from Fortnite competitive scene altogether, we will see what will happen most probably tomorrow as Epic Games is fast at making decisions.

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