Ninja Yearly Earnings

Ninja yearly earnings

Players now have the option to make some serious money by just getting good at what they do and broadcasting it on a relevant platform

Apart from donating directly to the streamer, gaming streaming services like Twitch offer a cut from the ad revenue generated during a video. This simply amounts to millions of dollars when viewed consistently by a large crowd. Ninja has managed to get sponsors to be featured in his broadcast. Energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster, keep fighting to get Ninja as their brand ambassador. They consider him to be one of the most elite athletes on the scene right now.

Back in the day, you had to play consistently well and appear for tournaments worldwide to make sure you are earning enough, while playing video games .But now if you know how to host the good quality stream irrespective of whether you’re a champion or not , people are willing to watch and donate money.

2018 was by far the best year for  Ninja. By the end of the year, Ninja had already won numerous awards with regards to his quality streams.

The question that is in everyone’s mind right now is, how much money did Ninja make in 2018?

In an interview with CNN, Ninja says that he had earned up words of roughly 10 million USD. It all started in March when Ninja along with the famous artist Drake, had streamed a duos match together and the stream was able to get upwards of 600,000 live viewers watching them play Fortnite. Ever since then, Ninja has been streaming for 11 hours a day and averaging around 70000 viewers per stream. At the moment, Ninja has surpassed 10 million subscribers on Twitch.

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