Ninja Wins Award – Does Not Thank His Fans


Ninja Wins Award – Does Not Thank His Fans

Popular Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, won the Content Creator of the Year Award. Ninja was presented his award at the 2018 Game Awards, held in Los Angeles at the Microsft Theatre.

Ninja was the favorite to win the award after a massive 2018, helped with the rise of Fortnite and Ninja’s extra hard work. The finalists included: Ninja, Myth, DrLupo, Pokimane, Willyrex, with almost 50% of Twitch fans predicting Ninja would win the award. This 3 minute video explains how Ninja messed up.

The Content Creator of the Year award was presented by, famous God of War voice actor, Christopher Judge, and God of War “the Boy”, Sunny Suljic. As expected, Ninja wins the award, kisses his wife and makes his way to stage for his acceptance speech.

No Love

At the podium, he first thanks his wife and his family. He cracks a small joke then mentions he is blessed to be in the position he is in, to win the award and to bring joy to all the people who love watching video games. He ends with: ”Every single person in this room and every single person watching; it’s all because of video games.”

That was it! No “Thank You” to the Ninja fans who support him and have catapulted his rise to fame? No thank you for fans who watch his streams? After all, the award is for Content Creator of the Year.

Here is a video breaking the acceptance speech:


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Losing Followers

Ninja followers have been noticing and pointing out that he is losing subs. This can be a rumor and only Ninja has his official stats.


Ninja’s response was, comparing himself to Drake. This does not hold true and can’t be compared. A music label might be 10 years old while millions are still listening. However, a video game title has a shelf life, hot today, gone tomorrow. Ninja’s fans are the ones who will continue to follow him and contribute to his success.

There is no doubt that Ninja deserves all the credit in the world for his grind, focus and business smarts, leading up to his success. But your fans are the ones who will carry you in the long run and Ninja missed his chance to thank them when the rest of the world was watching.


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