Ninja vs TimTheTatman? Both Streamers Get In Heated Argument

Ninja vs TimTheTatman Both Streamers Get In Heated Arguement

Ninja and TimTheTatman get into a heated argument after Tim failed to reboot Ninja after he got eliminated. Watch the exchange between the heavyweights.

Ninja vs TimTheTatman?

What seemed like an unstoppable duo came as a surprise to many when Ninja and TimTheTatman were found arguing with each other. As they were eliminated in a match, Ninja was bothered by the whole thing.  TimTheTatman said “gg” afterwards and Ninja took this as “trolling”; thinking that Tim was being sarcastic. “Are you trolling me?” Ninja said. But Tim sounded genuine and said, “gg“, but then followed with “you said East and I went South East”. He started laughing as Tim thought that it was a funny mistake. But Ninja wasn’t having it.

Ninja seemed confused by Tim’s response. Tim then struck a nerve in Ninja implying that Ninja died of a trap that he knew was there. That made Ninja blow as you see him scream into the mic at Tim. After Tim took some heat, he asked Ninja if he knew the trap was in there, in which Ninja replied, “Yes Tim I did”.

“I’m Mad At You”

When things seemed to boil down, it seemed that whenever Tim said something, it would bother Ninja.

When Tim suggested that Ninja was mad at the “bots”, Ninja said this.

“I’m mad at you. Because you took forever to grab my card. Trolling me. And you couldn’t handle a 2v1 situation. You got clapped, and now we’re dead. That is why I’m mad”.

Tim could be heard laughing in the background and Ninja kept going on about the whole ordeal.  Both players are very good friends and it would seem impossible for them to genuinely be mad at each other. Although the argument seemed to get to heated levels, both players made up and continued playing Fortnite.

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