Ninja Threatens To Stop Playing Fortnite

Ninja to Stop Playing Fortnite Esports Soon Epic Games Fix Break
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Ninja has been at center of a lot of controversies from banning players to having direct influence in removing weapons and items. 

Ninja had a very bad week as far as Fortnite is concerned. Ever since the launch of season 7, Ninja is frustrated with the introduction of multiple items and vehicles.

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Epic is often criticized for giving Ninja whatever he wants with regards to Fortnite. As a result, Ninja has been previously been “pointed fingers at” for getting multiple players banned with weird reason like “Having a higher ping than Ninja”.

The introduction of the ” the Infinity Blade” had got Ninja red faced for a whole week. He did not approve of the overpowered weapon the moment he saw it. Ever since, Ninja has not been having fun with the game, issues just keep coming up .

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The infinity blade was taken down later by Epic. They even owned up to their mistake by accepting that they “messed up” and should have have introduced more ways to take down users rampaging with the infinity blade.

Ninja Complaining

Ninja is back in the limelight again, as he threatens epic to stop playing this game for good unless they make changes to the plane and fix the various bugs he always been complaining about.

During his stream two days back, you could see Ninja being eliminated because of a “Turbo Building” glitch that stopped him from building, even with the feature being turned on. He then voiced out how the quality of the gameplay in Fortnite keeps decreasing and that he might leave the game soon.

Later in the same week, Ninja is eliminated while in combat with another pro player, by an X4 stormwing plane. Ninja completely loses it and insists that the plane should be vaulted. All this while, Ninja was training himself to become one of the best players on the planet by fast takedowns and insanely 1v1 skills. The new changes aren’t helping him much.

Ever since the launch of season 7, Ninja has hinted he isn’t into the game as much as he was, initially.

It’s not just Ninja, a lot of pro streamers have complained about how the gameplay is off balance. Players are ruining the game by abusing planes and taking down players who are in intense high ground build fights.

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