Ninja Is Sending 3 Best Trickshotters To The Fortnite World Cup Creative Trials

Ninja is Sending 3 to Fortnite World Cup Creative Trials

Fortnite World Cup Creative Trials will feature Ninja and 3 selected players that he will send to New York.

Fortnite World Cup is fast approaching and some players are still trying to qualify. We still have a long way until the finals. But in case you are feeling like this may not be your year to compete, Epic Games is making many interesting side events for players to compete in. These events are created with the Fortnite Creative Mode system. Players simply need to complete maps made in the creative mode. Of course, these maps are genuinely hard to complete, however, the rewards are substantial. The winner gets 3 million USD. The maps are created by famous creators, and players will be chosen by them. Also, streamers are going to be featured.

Who’s Showing Up

Popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is also going to be one of these streamers. He tweeted this, saying he will be choosing 3 of the best trick shooters for a chance for them to earn 3 million Dollars big prize. The finals are going to be in NYC. Pro players probably won’t try their luck in this tournament as they have the World Cup finals to focus on. However, as we get closer to the World Cup Finals, some of the unqualified players may enter this tournament and try their luck out. Ninja claims that he will participate but it will probably be just for entertainment.

Of course, as we have said before, there is still a long way to the Finals. Players are trying to get the finals ticket still. But the tickets are numbered. However, this is also very good marketing by Epic Games. We always believed that creative mode would change Fortnite forever and now it has a 3 million dollar competition around it. Where most of the games around does not even feature money prize that big, Fortnite is creating a side event for this.

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