Ninja Responds to Fortnite Influencers Complaining About The Game

Ninja Responds to Fortnite Influencers Complaining About The Game

Ninja recently gave his opinion on other prominent Fortnite Battle Royale streamers who are complaining and demoting the game.

Ninja’s Accomplishments

Popular Fortnite streamer Ninja has a number of accomplishments that he can be proud of. For one, he helped put Fortnite on the radar of many other gamers who weren’t giving the game a chance when he paired up with musical artist Drake. Ever since that collaboration, Ninja grew his Youtube and Twitch channels to astronomical numbers. With that came many other accomplishments such as being a guest on The Ellen Show and Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show. As well, Ninja was on the cover of ESPN magazine, He’s also raised millions for charity and continues to do his good deed for the community.

All this can be contributed  to Fortnite, because without the game Ninja might have had a different path. Although we’re not here to talk about destiny, the fact of the matter is that Ninja is a Fortnite devotee, and when people are giving the game a bad name he will be around to defend it.

Ninja Responds to Fortnite Influencers Complaining About The Game

Recently, Ninja was playing Fortnite and decided to bring up Fortnite influencers who were talking bad about the game, and leaking that negativity to their social media channels. Ninja didn’t understand why they are doing this, and also playing the game at the same time. Here’s what he had to say about this.

Recently, there have been several Fortnite streamers who are well established in the space complaining about the game. Although we won’t name names here, Ninja was well aware of what was happening. He started off talking about these “influencers” saying that “no one’s forcing anyone to play the game, no one’s forcing anyone to stream this game.” What he was essentially saying is that if they are complaining about the game so much they don’t have to play it. It’s not like these “influencers” have a contract with Epic Games that require them to keep streaming.

Ninja went on saying:

“Guess what? Everyone makes a living off of it. They’re going to continue to stream, upload YouTube videos, tweet out clips and compete in tournaments. They really feel so strongly about it, stop playing.”

Ninja then went on saying that instead of these Fortnite streamers stopping the game, they go to their followers on social media and complain to them. What this does is make the audience of the influencers believe the exact same thing. What Ninja was suggestion is that the followers will start spreading the negativity saying the game will die. If there’s anyone that wants Fortnite to continue reigning at #1 in the Battle Royale space, it’s Tyler Blevins aka Ninja.

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