Ninja Kills Tfue in Fortnite. Video Clip Shows View From Both Sides.

Ninja Kills Tfue Finally Eliminates FaZe Clan Fortnite Battle Royale

Ninja gets scared and drops the F-Bomb. Also manages to kill Tfue in Fortnite.

Ninja Kills Tfue in Fortnite. Video Clip Shows View From Both.

Two of the best streamers were in the same room, and Ninja finally had an opportunity to get revenge on Tfue, who had eliminated Ninja in their last meeting. When Ninja last played Tfue, he died, and Tfue posted the video on his YouTube channel of almost 11 million followers. Ninja clearly didn’t like that, and this time he was able to get revenge. However, just before that, something out of the ordinary happened. Was it good luck perhaps? Read below.

What Scared Ninja?

Ninja was playing the Fortnite World Cup Qualifying phase, Week 4. He was playing with his duo partner reverse2k this time. However, right when they were landing things did not go as expected. Ninja was landing, however, he saw a massive spider and froze for a second. He said ” Oh my god that spider is f……, sorry. Oh my god, it is massive.  Just like that, it is gone.” Ninja afterward closed the game. He’s been trying not to swear as of late, keeping his channel swear-word-free. However this time it was involuntary and happened as a natural reflex.

However, things were getting better for Ninja. When he was playing an hour later Ninja was in the same room as Tfue, and managed to kill him in a matter of second. This was created by a fast edit and great shotgun play. Tfue shot the first shot but Ninja managed to eliminate him afterward. Let us take a look at this from both Ninja and Tfue’s perspectives.

Ninja’s Perspective:

Tfue’s Perspective:

Of course, this was not the first time Ninja and Tfue had a chance to fight with each other. However, this one was the shortest of them all. Last time when this happened Ninja accused Tfue of cheating and created a big rift between them. Well, these days Tfue is getting cheating allegations, which is ironic given that one of the best Fortnite players in the world also accused him of cheating. However, Tfue’s not a cheater as everyone knows.

After Ninka eliminated Tfue, reverse2k said, “You killed tfue”. Viewers could read Ninja’s expression, feeling that he finally got his revenge he was looking for. As soon as Ninja was eliminated, he said he was going to put the video on YouTube just like Tfue did, and have a clickbait thumbnail. We’ll see if he does that, but now things are even between the two.

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