Ninja becomes the first Fortnite PC player to reach 5000 wins

Ninja becomes the first Fortnite PC player to reach 5000 wins
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Ninja has managed to become the first PC player to get 5000 wins in Fortnite . He managed to get the squad win while playing live on twitch .

Ninja, also known as Richard Tyler Blevins had hinted about this milestone throughout this week. Just recently, he had aired his 5000th win live on twitch and has uploaded the video to his YouTube channel as well. In his 5000th win, Richard gets a total of 9 elimination. He does pull off some nasty trick shots along with an intense battle with another team. At the very early stages of the match you can see he’s having some fun of the moment.

Have a look at his squad win here

During this historic stream, you can notice him saying that he is the first PC player who is going to accomplish this feat. Ninja is used to streaming 7 hours a day and that’s the secret of his rapid success.

Richard Tyler Blevins has played around 13500 matches and has eliminated over 97000 opponents in the process. These numbers speak a lot about his history and his success he’s achieved in 2018. Richard Tyler Blevins averages around 71000 viewers per stream and this is over the last 6 months. Viewers are very well aware of what Ninja is capable of, and thus the numbers have actively grown week on week. His aggressive style of play is what Ninja is known for the most.

Don’t you dare mess with Ninja

Richard Tyler Blevins is very vocal when he sees is unfair play or gets eliminated by a technical Glitch. He managed to get a players instantly banned when they were caught cheating or trying to wrongly interfere with his game-play in anyway. His influence in the game is huge and developers often hear him out as he has attracted millions of users to pick up the game

Does 5000 wins mean Ninja is the best? 

As far as a competitive scene is concerned, Ninja has yet to make a solid mark in this field. In his last tournament, he managed to get only one point for the winter Royale semi finals thus failing to reach the grand finals. He was not able to perform for the earlier skirmish tournaments as well.

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