Ninja Does Not Understand The Hate

Ninja Does Not Understand The Hate

Popular streamer Ninja tries to understand all the hate in a recent stream of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Ninja Does Not Understand The Hate

Gaming created its own superstars. Popular streamers are generally receiving love and hate at the same time. Some people dream to be as big as Shroud for example. But there’s one streamer that has reached heights never seen before in the streaming world. Of course, we are talking about Ninja. Ninja cannot be considered only as a streamer. His skill level in Fortnite was a very big factor in his rise in stardom. However, Ninja isn’t the only Fortnite player who’s good at the game. Once thought to be the best player in the world is now questionable.

Is Ninja Still On Top?

There are many great names in Fortnite now. However, can any of them achieve what Ninja achieved? It’s unlikely as we are talking about someone who has been on national TV shows like The Ellen Show, played with musical artist Drake, and of course has been on the ESPN Magazine. Of course, nobody can say that he achieved everything alone, but still that does not diminish the value of his success. As well, Ninja has firstmover advantage, which in the streaming world is huge. Streamers who have become the first known names for a specific game has maintained their position in popularity; think of Tyler01 for LoL, NRG Dizzy for Apex Legends, and Ninja for Fortnite.


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Does Everyone Like Ninja?

However, there is another side to this medallion. Some people may not enjoy his personality and that is understandable. But Ninja is a big earner which is the heart of the problem. Some people aren’t happy with how much money he is earning just from playing video games. It’s quite evident even if you go to watch Ninja stream. It takes a few minutes to eventually see someone post a comment in the chatbox mentioning something around the lines of his lifestyle from playing video games.

Of course, in some ways, it is not fair. But nobody cares about professional sports players who are sitting on the bench for an entire year and earning millions of dollars without even playing a single game.

Expiration Date

Fortnite is also a video game and unlike physical sports, it has an expiration date. On top of it,  streamers are constantly playing video games which can cause a burnout. Several very notable streamers like the popular WoW streamer Asmongold stopped streaming for a while just because of this.

In one of Ninja’s recent streams he said,  “I hit 270k subs on Twitch and still hold the record for Twitch viewer record at 669 thousand. I am just saying I am the same person through all that. Do not think I am better than anyone else. Raised a million dollar for charity but hey you know, I am a piece of sh*t.

This came as a response to some people criticizing him all the time. Therefore it is understandable that he was a little bit heartbroken. He has been around for some time now. But his channel is on a decline. However, he still managed to consolidate enough viewers to be in the top 5 streamers on any night, even when he is not playing Fortnite.

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