Ninja And Players React To Winter Royale Map Changes

source: Twitch Ninja

Ninja shares his thoughts about changes that should not have happened until the conclusion of Winter Royale

So far. the Winter Royale is the most important Fortnite tournament of this winter season. Many players have voiced their frustrations about changes made to the map and how it affected semi final heats. Season 7 was launched after the start of the Winter Royale Tournament.

The main difference is the map is completely  different than during the initial qualifiers. The season 6 map still had Risky Reels, Flush Factory and many more locations that the players were familiar with. However, in the middle of the Winter Cup the new season started and everything changed before players were able to  really adjust

The new map is a drop in the bucket compared to the meta changes that were included in season 7. Let’s not waste time and get straight to the point. Players can endure cosmetic changes

Although things are very different, nothing compares to the addition of Infinity Blade to the game. This monster of a sword destroyed the Semi-Finals last night. Most players did not enjoy the addition getting cut into pieces as the circle closed in and hiding did nothing.


Ninja’s Response

Ninja shared his thoughts after the NA Semi-Finals, saying: ”Many players are raging in the chat right now. We qualified for this when Risky Reels was still in the game and many more. Obviously, the snow map that is understandable. They are not going to delay an entire massive update or a season for a Cup. But to add this Sword and these planes at this tournament is just… This is not what I qualified for.”




The Esports Arena should have more stability. The metas and changes in the game effects a player very much. These players are the ones that put thousands of hours into the game and even a small weapon balance can change their entire game. But to add a practically broken sword is just not understandable.

The planes also changed the game, with  no one really having time to practice with them. There is hardly any counter to the Infinity Sword near end games. Let’s see how this affects the the Winter Royale Grand Finals Cup and if Epic Games with do anything about it.


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