Ninja And NICKMERCS advice on Season 7

ninja and nickmercs talk fortnite changes

Pro Streamers NICKMERCS and Ninja recently point out  in their streams that the competition in Fortnite has risen and the game is at a whole new level right now.

Ninja has been winning awards throughout the year for his exceptionally high quality streams. Besides knocking out players and building massive Battle structures, Ninja keeps giving his input on various elements of Fortnite.

He’s says that right now the game has reached a level when you keep running into players whether be great shooters or fast builders. He also says that you cannot be so great in either aspects of the game and still get away with wins by just playing smart and making the right decisions.

Keys Highlights

  • When to peak your build
  •  Proper rotation
  • Knowing how to get out of tricky situations

These are the three aspects Ninja has called out to be successful in season 7. He basically tells his viewers to play smart and not just be an an aggressive builder or shooter.

He also mentions that console players like “Aydan” are now entering PC lobbies with controllers and are as good as kb&m players.

NICKMERCS also gave out tips, tricks and opinions on the latest updates of Fortnite Season 7.

Pro player NICKMERCS is widely considered one of the best console players in Fortnite. Yesterday, during his stream he opened up about Fortnite and where it’s headed in terms of game-play difficulty

When asked the question “Why has the game gotten so hard?” Nick’s reply was,

“Just like any new shooter game, the game initially starts out with a small group of players picking up the game fast and getting ahead of the others.” Nick considers himself among the fast learners, and insists that he was part of the few who jumped ahead by learning the game fast. But now, the game has history and players are finally catching up with the pros.

Nick pointed out that, at one point in time, 99% of the average players did not know how to build. Now, apparently everyone has basic building skills to push a gunfight.

20 Kill Games A Rarity

Nick closes his take on the “standard of the game” this season by saying “Before 20 kills games were pretty common. Now, if you get a 20 kill game and don’t upload it to YouTube you’re crazy”.

Ninja and NICKMERCS have different backgrounds but seem to agree on the same topics when it comes to Fortnite’s direction.

Extracts from both Ninja and NickMercs opinions can be found at the start of this video:

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