Nickmercs Shares Business Side of MFAM

Nickmercs mfam scrims and giveaways business
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Content creator ‘NICKMERCS’ explains how he uses help to run his MFAM business and admits he does not always know what he is doing.

Nickmercs continues to grow his kill count but more importantly he is growing his sub count. With over two million twitch followers, his MFAM supporters continue to bloom as Nick pushes for new and exciting business ideas for this year.

MFAM scrims and giveaways

Nickmercs is one of the first Fortnite streamers to have introduced money tournaments and scrims to his MFAM subs. This started during the late summer and is growing with the New Year. Nick also has monthly giveaways, primarily through his MFAM day. His giveaways are powered by This extremely smart business move is what is leading him to host one of the fastest growing Fortnite channels on Twitch.

Giving Back To The Community

Nick has become the poster boy for being one of the most generous gaming streamers, totaling over $100,000 in giveaways. His honesty and generosity hard is what keeps his MFAM community growing strong.  As opposed to Ninja, who openly mentions and praises his wife running the business side of his brand, Nick never gets into such details. Although, his channel and brand continue to grow his business endeavors remain somewhat secretive.

Nick talks business and the help he uses

Nick has his fan base loving his upfront attitude of all aspects of life. From kids to war vets, most look up to Nick as motivation by his humble honest image. The cool side of his personality can be seen in a recent stream, where he openly admits to needing help for his business. He goes on to explain how he uses his dad and others to help with tasks to help free up time. What is important is how Nick mentions paying them so they don’t need to find a job, making sure they are living right. A perfect example of why Nick is such a loved and respected streamer. Here is a small clip of Nickmercs explaining his business approach:

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