NICKMERCS Kills Dellor In Fortnite Match. POV of Both Players

NICKMERCS Kills Dellor In Fortnite Match. POV of Both Players

In a recent Fortnite stream, Dellor was eliminated by NICKMERCS, however, Dellor had no idea it was him. Watch as hilarity ensues.

Dellor Taking It Day By Day

Recently, Dellor returned to Twitch after a 30-day ban for saying some ruthless comments to a teammate in Apex Legends. In his return, he quickly found out that Twitch had stripped everything from him, including his subscription button. He also realized that he has lost all of his 2000 subscribers. This all blind-sighted Dellor as he didn’t receive any email from Twitch explaining what he has lost due to his actions. It was a tough first stream to watch by many, however, the viewers were split between feeling sorry for him and others rubbing it in. Dellor’s relationship with Twitch is shattered, and he’s not sure what his future holds. But, Dellor continues to stream for his fans and tries to keep his head up.

NICKMERCS Kills Dellor In Fortnite Match

In a recent stream, Dellor was playing Fortnite when he found himself fighting an unexpected opponent. Maneuvering around his build, he eventually died in the 1v1. Here’s the clip.

As soon as he was eliminated, Dellor said, “Omg god I had that guy too. I don’t even know what just happened. I dunno what just happened. That guy sucked. That guy sucked. That guy was terrible.” As he finished saying that, he checked the chatbox only to read “NICKMERCS KILLED YOU”. That’s when Dellor asked his chat to stop saying that. However, Dellor was clueless at this point because he lost to an “Annynomous” player (gamer ID concealed). Viewers of his chat were quick to point out that it was indeed NICKMERCS from FaZe Clan who killed him.

NICKMERCS is one of the biggest streamers in the space and had his fair share of drama over the past few weeks. When Dellor found out that NICKMERCS killed him, he couldn’t believe it.

As he realized that his chat was right, he took back the comment he said earlier about the player being terrible. Dellor couldn’t believe it and was in awe afterward as he realized he was eliminated by one of the biggest streamers out there.


Here is NICKMERCS Point-of-View killing Dellor:

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