NICKMERCS Shares Thoughts On Emote Lawsuits

NICKMERCS gets nasty while he explains to his fans that he disagrees with the celebrity lawsuits against Epic for Fortnite emotes

Popular Fortnite streamer, Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff, went off on stream when a fan asked what he thought about the Alfonso Rebeiro lawsuit. Nick immediately responds by calling him a “Turkey” and a “Schmuck”

It’s rare we see Nick pick sides, as he is usually very neutral when it comes to these type of topics. However, in this instance it let it all out and you can clearly see he was opposing the recent lawsuits filed by stars.

“Everyone is suing for these dances, you guys are fucking weirdos bro.”  Nick continues: “And your just in it for money, quick grab. Some lawyers got a hold of you, talked your ear off and now you want money.”

Nick finishes his rant by saying: “I used to love Carlton too, I fucking hate that dude now”

Are these lawsuits worth it?

Contrary to what NICKMERCS and other streamers believe, most of the fans believe that the lawsuits are justifiable. Epic is making so much revenue from store sales there should be no issues paying a royalty. What the general public does not know is can a celebrity claim that he is the sole creator of the dance.

We would like to know what you think of the recent flurry of lawsuits against Epic? Do you agree with it or not?

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