NICKMERCS Duo With Aydan Confirmed For ESL Katowice Royale

NICKMERCS Duo With Aydan ESL Katowice Royale
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Fortnite Fans are getting what they want, NICKMERCS and Ghost Aydan team up for the ESL Katowice Royale. Can the duo replicate their success from TwitchCon?

Nickmercs and Aydan teammates for ESL Katowice Royale

When ESL first announced the duo pairings, for the $500,000 ESL Katowice Royale international tournament, Nickmercs was not on it and Aydan was paired with Symfuhny. Fast forward one month and things have changed. Symfuhny has confirmed he is pulling out of the tournament. This free’d up Aydan to be paired with a new partner. Although Nickmercs initially said he would not be going to Poland, things can quickly change. Both ESL and Aydan have confirmed Nickmercs will be teaming up with Aydan as duo partners for the Katowice Royale.

Nickmercs vs Ghost Aydan History

Just like many of the Fortnite pros, Nickmercs and Aydan knew of each other, but had never met in an offline event. This all changed during the final week of the 2018 Summer Skirmish. Wrapping up the Skirmish at PAX WEST, the stage was set for the Solo event, . Nickmercs was already very popular and had a huge Fortnite fan base. On the other hand, Aydan was still very new, with only 20,000 Twitch followers by PAX WEST, his popularity had still not reached its peak. The hype was set, as two of the best controller players in North America, were going to meet head to head. As most Fortnite fans are familiar NICKMERCS and Aydan both loved dropping Tilted Towers. They would meet and square off 4 times during PAX WEST with Aydan beating Nickmercs all 4 times. Ghost Aydan’s name was now viral and his popularity sky rocketed.

Just one month after his PAX WEST showing, Aydan’s Twitch followers had jumped from 20K to 170K. The rivalry was born after Aydan met NICKMERCS for the first time at Tilted. Aydan killed Nick and danced over him. This was one of the most talked about moments that unfolded.

NICKMERCS and Aydan Playing Together

The duo played their first offline event during the final week of the Fall Skirmish at TwitchCon. They finished in 9th place but it was the chemistry and highlights that made this duo special. They were on the same page from start to finish. The duo put the doubters to rest as they combined for 23 eliminations in Heat 3 to reach the finals. They eventually finished the TwitchCon duo event in 9th place, with a stacked roster of players in the finals.

aydan and nickmerks Twitchcon heat 3 eliminations
Source: Epic
ESL Katowice Royale

Probably the best Fortnite offline event ever  is set to take place in Poland from March 1-3 2019. NICKMERCS had confirmed he would not be attending but things have changed as Aydan’s paired partner Symfuhny has pulled out. This is what Fortnite fans want and deserve. To see Nick and Aydan playing together again. Both players did compete in the Secret Skirmish with Nick playing very well in the duo event finishing 6th. Aydan struggled finishing 49th, but was paired with Butter, an amateur late tourney addition. Having Nickmercs and Aydan back together is their best shot at finishing in the money. The tournament is stacked with the best players from around the world but the pair have chemistry on their side and a top 10 finish is very realistic.

Good Luck to Nick and Aydan

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