New Fortnite Pistol Concept Would Not Be Used As Weapon

Fortnite fans came up with a really interesting concept called Stim Pistol, this is how it would be used.

The more Fortnite fans get, the more they want. This new pistol concept has been floating around social media since the introduction of the Reboot Van. For the first time ever, players can revive eliminated teammates buy using the vans. But now players seem to want even more, in the form of a pistol that could revive teammates from a distance.

The latest concept is called the Stim Pistol and this is how it would work. The Stim Pistol is not a weapon but more of a medical aid with the ability to pick up downed teammates from a distance. You would just need to shoot your downed teammate from a certain distance and they would get up right away.

Rainbow Six Siege Stim Pistol
Rainbow Six Stim Pistol

The concept sounds cool but actually already exists in some games, one being Rainbow Six Siege. The Rainbow Six Siege character, operator Doc, does have a stim pistol with 3 charges attached to it. You can pick up your fallen teammates from a distance. The pistol also gives the player the ability to boost themselves up for 40 health. Once a player hits 100 health the pistol will cap you at 140. The difference is the health does not remain at 140. Once stimmed with the pistol, the 140 health will start ticking down every second by 2 until your health is back to 100.

This can be a very interesting addition to Fortnite. Apex legends has a stim, so why not Fortnite. The reason for the Stim Pistol concept is when playing squads or duos, 3rd parties now camp and bait you into visiting your teammate to help him up. The stim pistol concept would eliminate this problem, being able to target a downed teammate from a reasonable distance.

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