New Fortnite Map Hints Burning Changes Coming As Season 7 Nears End

New Fortnite Map burning changes Season 7 burning

Wailing woods burning as Fire King and Ice King set for Clash with new Fortnite Map showing burnt locations.

With the release of Fortnite update 7.40, dataminers have discovered images of what will become the new Fortnite map leading up to season 8. As many have speculated, Fire would be playing a role leading up to an event as earthquakes have been spread across the map. The new map shows a burning area starting from wailing woods and spreading up to Tomato Temple.

Prisoner Stage 4

Prisoner Stage 4 new map for the end of season 7

 Another hint discovered in the 7.40 files, is that it looks as if Fortnite fans will be getting their stage 4 Prisoner after all. A loading screen image has been discovered looking like Prisoner stage 4. It looks like the Fire King is standing somewhere in or around Tomato Temple. There is now no doubt that the Prisoner stage 4 will surface and will impact the end of Season 7.

Video shows what players will be expecting in Wailling Woods:

New Fortnite Event Leading up to Season 8


cracks and mudslide fortnite season 7

New files discovered with the 7.40 indicate a season 7, ending event on its way. The files include cracks spread across the map. This indicates the end of the Biome as mud and pebbles can be seen in the files. A possible sign of mud slides after snow has melted.

For Fortnite fans who enjoy the theories, the discovery of burning Wailing Woods, looks as if its the origins of where the Prisoner will surface. It is at the exact opposite map location of where the Ice King surfaced, during the event at Polar Peak.

Needless to say, Season 8 is less then 2 weeks away and the new map indications, shows that Fire is the main topic. Big map changes look to be on the way as the West side of the map will be going through a makeover.

Finally, there have been no indications by Epic if patch 7.40 is the last of season 7. Game Life will update you as the story develops.



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