New Flintlock Pistol Coming To Fortnite

Flintlock Pistol Fortnite
Epic Games

Sounds and Images found in Fortnite files proving the new Flintlock pistol is on it’s way. 

Leaks show a new pistol coming to Fortnite in Season 8. All signs point to the loading screen as hints are proving to be accurate. First, the new Baller vehicle can be seen in the background. Next, Blackheart is shown with a new pistol. Dataminers have now confirmed findings of sounds and images with the new Flintlock coming to Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite FlintLock gun
Blackheart Holding The FlintLock
Flintlock Design

The design is simple, it’s an 18th century revolver. Although the old Flintlocks came in a variety of sizes, the one used in Fortnite is similar to the pistol circa used from 1700-1730. This matches the current Pirate theme of Season 8 perfectly.

Here is what a real Flintlock pistol looked like in the 18th century.

18 century circa pistol
Flintlock Pistol Sounds

@FortTory discovered the FlintLock pistol inside the files added with update V8.10. The gun sounds extremely loud from a distance, signaling the new pistol will probably host heavy ammo. The sound is very similar to the current Deagle. Here are all FlintLock sounds:

Current Pistol Status

The addition of the flintlock can signal the vaulting of a current hand gun. The most logical choice would be vaulting the Deagle by replacing it with the flintlock for the Season 8 pirate theme. The deagle can then be brought back into the game, swapping the flintlock into the vault for the Season 9 theme. Keep in mind, the Flintlock can follow the exact same pattern as the vaulted six shooter. For example, with the wild west theme of Season 6, the six shooter blended in perfectly. However, the gun was never popular and had no impact related to the season 7 snow theme. As expected, the gun was vaulted during update 7.10. The flintlock can follow the same course as the six shooter, making a brief appearance for a single season.

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