Is The New Dr Disrespect Twitch Intro The Best Ever?

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Source: DrDisrespect Twitch

Fan favorite Dr Disrespect took a break from Fortnite, but is now back with a new 2019 Dr Disrespect intro that is out of this world.

Dr Disrespect, one of the most unique streaming personalities on the planet, starts a new, 3 minute long, intro clip to build-up his first stream of 2019. Though most of his streaming content isn’t always family friendly, he is one of the leading streamers when it comes to production creativity. Over the top theatrics, gaming-rage, costumes and solid PC gaming skills, are key highlights in his daily streams.

The New Intro

The 3 minute Dr Disrespect intro made its debut on January 7th 2019, his first Fortnite stream of the year. His Twitch viewers immediately flooded his chat with comments sending chills down their spines. From epic music to dramatic highlights, Dr Disrespect’s new intro is a prototype of production perfection.

There is no other streamer even close to quality of production that Dr Disrespect puts into his channel. Here is a look at the intro:

First Fortnite Win Of 2019 “I’m Back”

In his 2nd Fortnite game, Dr disrespect is paired with what seems to be a struggling player. His teammate “MAK” has apparently played 1700 matches, with zero Victory Royales.

Dr Disrespect puts in a solid game, constantly looking after and reviving MAK numerous times. MAK is finally eliminated in the late stages of the game.

The doc locks in 11 eliminations and literally takes on the final two squads single handily. Once the victory chat with “MAK” concludes, DrDisrespect leaves the game abruptly and, once again, surprises his fans with a new victory clip “I’m Back”.

The video hit 200k views in less then 36 hours.

As we can clearly see Dr Disrespect is showing no signs of slowing down his “swag” for 2019 while promising to keep his fans entertained. Dr Disrespect looks to be back and is not holding back on the drama!

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