More Fortnite Dig Sites Discovered

Fortnite Dig excavation Sites

New excavation sites are possible signs of major changes set to occur to the Fortnite Season 8 map.  

A fenced digging site was added to the Fortnite map with the introduction of update v8.20. A fenced off site, was first located just west of Paradise Palms. Thre excavators sat on top of a number of large rocks stuffed on top of what seemed to be a deeper hole. Players quickly noticed the rocks could be destroyed as pickaxing them would drop the rock’s health.

It first seemed like a long task, as the estimated health to break all the rocks was 5,000,000 HP. However, as soon as millions of players found out about them and worked to break them, the rocks were destroyed inside of 24 hours. Hidden under the rocks was a geyser.

Fortnite Dig Site 1
Dig Site #1 located West of Paradise is seen cleared of all rocks
Fortnite Dig Site Locations

A second excavation site has been discovered and will appear just east of Loot Lake. This confirms an event of some sort is set to take place. S1I0x explains:

Dusty Divot Now An Excavation Area

New digging has begun at the center of the divot. Here is a look at the center of the divot before and after. Looking at the center of the dug out hole, at large anchor can be seen at the bottom of the rubble.

Dusty Divot Dig Site
Dusty Divot Anchor in hole
After Dig

An Arial view of the new locations shows an imprint where the third digging site will be located.

Fortnite Campfire Map Locations 2
Dig Site 2 East of Loot Lake

Also to note is the geysers are not blowing out water like the others.

Fortnite New Geyser
New geysers blowing out dirt not water

Although this article is vague at the moment, we will use it as a point of reference and update is as new events and dig sites are discovered. News regarding an in game event has been circulating social media as players think something big should be happening by week 7.

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