Leaks Show Major Map Changes Coming To Fortnite Ahead Of Season 9

Tilted Towers and Retail Row destroyed

The end of Titled Towers and Retail Row is close, as leaks provide details of Volcanic destruction, hinting major map changes ahead of Season 9.

As Fortnite Seaon 8 nears it’s conclusion, players are patiently waiting for the BIG BANG to hit and what changes will transpire from it. As for as map changes and storylines, Season 8 has been very slow paced compared to previous seasons. Besides the new lab, set up around Loot Lake and Runic symbols shifting to the center of it, not much more has changed.

Retail Row before Volcano Eruption
Reatail Row Volcanic Impact Zone Before

However, new confirmed leaks show major disasters hitting Tilted Towers and Retail Row, destroying both prized landmarks. As the Volcano becomes furiously active, it’s only a matter of time before eruption occurs, changing the map just in time for the start of Season 9.

Retail Row Takes Major Damage

The first look at Volcanic rock damage is set at Retail Row. The center has been hit causing deep damage in the parking lot also while also affecting building structures on the West side.

Dataminer @FortTory provides a fly by of the soon to be destroyed Retail Row.

Tilted Towers Completely Obliviated

Although it seems like Retail Row sustained damage from one volcanic rock eruption, the same can’t be said for Tilted Towers. Simply put, Tilted is gone. Major rumors rattled the Fortnite world in Season 3, as players were sure a meteor was set to destroy Tilted Towers. It never happened and besides, the middle building changing every season, Tilted has remained intact. The new footage now confirms Tilted will be completely wiped out.

When Will The Volcano Erupt?

Although most of the previous major events occurred on Saturdays, the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers take place on weekends. It would be shocking to have an in game event happen during the 4pm-7pm World Cup games. The best bet will be during the earlier afternoon so that it does not interfere with World Cup games.

Also to note, it appears there will in face be Season 8 Overtime Challenges added. If this happens, it will delay the start of Season 9 by at least 2 weeks. This can push the Volcano event date even further down if Season 8 is to be extended.

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