KittyPlays Sees Lynx Skin in Fortnite. Freaks out.

Esports KittyPlays See Lynx Skin in Fortnite. Freaks out Battle Royale
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With the new year upon us, we still have a lot to discover as far as season 7 is concerned . Data miners are releasing leaks almost on a daily basis.  But besides that, Epic themselves have made changes that quite a lot of us have not noticed, even KittyPlays. From map changes to personality outfits , let’s have a look at what epic has done so far in season 7.

Lynx skin referenced to KittyPlays?

Lynx Skin is available to users once they unlock the battle pass. There’s a very specific room hidden in frosty flights that showcases banners with the lynx outfit. Fortnight has added a computer to the room resembling a personality similar to streamer which was a nice Christmas gift from Epic to KittyPlays.

You can see Kittyplays reacting to the skin in this video here.

Surely, KittyPlays feels that this skin is based off of her and freaks out after she see’s it. KittyPlays then says, “This is my Christmas gift!”. A nice touch towards the end of the holiday season.

KittyPlays freaking out:
KittyPlays Lynx Skin Fortnite Battle Royale Game Esports Gaming
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More Fortnite Secrets and News

The castle near the haunted Hills is being destroyed, what’s up with that?

Epic had failed to attract players to land in the famous Castle located in haunted Hills. If you go ahead and visit the map right now, you will notice that the castle right now is being destroyed day by day let’s loot is being spawned as well. The destruction of a place suggest that something else going to popup very soon.

Hidden faces on the map

Fortnite has and added a lot of “hidden faces” all over the map. It could be for challenges that haven’t been featured yet, but users have spotted hidden faces all over the map. Scroll to 2:07 on this clip to view a hidden face location.

A new sun-dial location has popped up in Paradise Palms

At the centre of Paradise palms, you can find a sundial located at the very top of a hill. The sundial is made of wooden log, cars and the telephone pole. Depending on the time of the day the telephone pole cast a shadow which reflects the time on this sundial. This could also be something that is related to a “weekly challenge” for the future.

Scroll to the very end of this video to watch the sun-dial in action,

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