Liquid 72hrs Wants Fortnite Ranked Play

Fortnite Esports 72hrs Team Liquid Tom Mulligan Pro Gaming Rank Play
Image source: Team Liquid YouTube

Team liquid member and star player Tom “72hrs” Mulligan rants about Fortnite lacking ranked play as most of the Fortnite community agrees. Here is what 72hrs has to say about the topic.

Fortnite Esports?

Fortnite is one of the few games that has an active esports arena without a rank mode. The game has been out for more then a year and half and of course, nobody ever expected the game to grow so fast while PUBG owned the throne. However, Fortnite prevails in every aspect where PUBG failed miserably. Fortnite is played by millions of people every day definitely  has a competitive atmosphere.

However, we still do not have ranked in the game. Maybe Epic Games does not want to divide their player base, maybe they feel like they are not ready for it. However each day there are more pro players and even non-pros voicing their concerns. When will Fortnite introduce a ranked system?

Funny 72hrs Rant

One of the pro players who rants on is, Team Liquid member ”72hrs”. He specifically asks for a ranked game mode and says ” I want to play this game and I want to have f…. fun. This sh.. sucks. Give me ranked I want to play Ranked; what I want to play is Ranked. Do I want to play ranked? I am glad you asked that; Yes I want to play ranked.”

Many community members already agree that ranked should be here by now. It’s part of competitive gaming and practically every player wants to see how they measure up against other gamers. It’s why Call of Duty has leaderboards for all their games, it’s why there are dedicated sites to track down players scores, kills, deaths, accuracy, etc… If none of this mattered, competitive gaming wouldn’t be as serious as it is now. Look at professional sports (since esports is the same layout).

Rank Play

There’s rank play, leaderboards, divisions, groups. Team want to know how they match up against other divisions, or other groups. For one of the biggest video games in modern time to not have ranked play makes zero sense. Through seasons under competitive rules and settings,  players can rank and earn exclusive Ranked Play seasonal rewards. Who wouldn’t want that?

Here is the video Rant from Tam Liquid’s 72hrs,

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