Best Clips From Twitch Streamer KittyPlays

Kittyplays Hot Fortnite Twitch Streamer
img source: Kittyplays Instagram/ Kittyplays Twitch
  • Twitch star Kristen “KittyPlays” Michaela is funny, sexy and hot with these being some of her best twitch clips since her rise to fame.  

Fortnite  Stardom – KittyPlays

Popular twitch star KittyPlays started posting content to Youtube in 2014. She made her move to twitch and by December 2018 eclipsed one million followers. She made her first major impression during the Dota 2 days. However, Fortnite is what turned KittyPlays into a household name.

Her piercing blue eyes and upbeat attitude is what Twitch entertainment is all about. She can be seen performing her popular “moonwalk” on stream while rocking some awesome cosplay costumes.

kittyplays hot twitch streamer
img source: kittyplays

Just like most twitch streamers, KittyPlays moved her content over to Fortnite in 2018. Streaming with the biggest Fortnite players on the planet, her popularity began to soar. She has made appearances in the Fortnite Skirmish series both as a player and commentator for week 3 of the EU Fall Skirmish. She most famously won the Fortnite Korean Duo event with Tfue last year when KittyPlays paired up with Tfue.

Although most tune in to watch her play video games, there is no doubt that her looks are nothing to shy away from. Here are some of KittyPlays twitch clips where fans can get a glimpse of her different looks and personality.

1) KittyPlays close up white bodycon dress

2) KittyPlays shows off her 2018 Korean Fortnite Pin. Good thing she zooms in because it’s hard to read.

3) Old School KittyPlays from Dota days.

4) Moonwalk nurse

5) Do your eyes go to her Glasses or her Gold chains?

6) Bottoms UP! Literally…

 7) Bodysuit dark eyes look

 8) Attention!

There is no doubt that KittyPlays makes our cut of Hot Twitch streamers. From her glasses to her easy-going personality, it’s no wonder why she is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world.

KittyPlays social links can be found here:

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