Interactive Fortnite Season 8 Map Shows Every Spawn Location

Interactive Fortnite Season 8 Map
Looking for all vending machine and chest locations? Or you simply need help completing a weekly Fortnite challenge? This interactive Fortnite season 8 map has it all.

With news released regarding the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, players have 100 million reasons to start grinding this spring. Time is ticking as qualifying for the World Cup is around the corner. Although skill and practice remain the most important elements to success, map awareness is something that every player can benefit from.

Your in a game and desperately need to find a vehicle or a vending machine, then set this interactive Season 8 map by your side and look no further.

Using the Fortnite interactive map
Fortnite Season 8 Spawn Locations
All Item Spawn Locations enabled – Source:

The official map can be found at

One major tip is to view and use the map on Desktop. There is simply no room for it on a mobile device. The interactive fortnite Season 8 map contains spawn locations for the following items:

Cannon, Volcano Vents, Ziplines, Quads, Driftboards, Rifts, Campfires, Mushrooms, Apples, Vending Machines, Ballers and Chests.

Simply put, anything you can consume, use or drive can be found by toggling an item switch. You can enable or disable each item to reduce map clutter.

Another cool feature is the map also includes a cheat sheet for all weekly challenges. It’s the same concept with users interacting with items by simply enabling or disabling what they want to see.

Best way to use it

As we mention above, the map is optimized for desktop and also includes a 4X zoom. If you play on Dual monitor its perfect to have your secondary screen open with the map. Because its so fast and easy to enable items, it’s best to keep everything on off until you need something by zooming into your current location.

Over time, the map will assist players to memorize the most important item locations. Vehicles, Vending machines, campfires, apples and mushrooms are some of the most important to memorize. Chest locations are cluttered even at a 4X zoom.

The guys at lootlake did an amazing job in creating the map as it will surely come in handy as the Fortnite map continues to evolve and items get shifted around.

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