Instagram Model Insults RiceGum on Fortnite. Says He’s Too Short.

Instagram Model Insults RiceGum on Fortnite Battle Royale Says He's Too Short Twitch
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Instagram Model irisddiaz was the recent guest on RiceGum Fortnite Battle Royale Stream show. During the conversation, the topic of height came up where irisddiaz was quite vocal about it. RiceGum was shocked what he heard after. Did the instagram Model Insults RiceGum?

Who is irisddiaz?

Irisddiaz, also known as just IRIS, is an Instagram model who posts daily pictures of her in various outfits, showing the newest fashion style on the streets. Although  Apart from her Instagram page, she also started a new YouTube channel called “His & Hers” which features her partner in crime, Adner Adrian Santos. Together they create videos about a variety of topics, from what to eat to stay fit, to specific vacation hots spots as well as joke videos.

Instagram Model Insults RiceGum on Fortnite Battle Royale Says He's Too Short.
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They’ve recently just started their YouTube channel and have built up some followers. On irisddiaz personal Instagram page she has close to 32,000 followers which is quite amazing since she just started her page in the past summer of 2018.

RiceGum, multi-talented artist

RiceGum, whose real name is Bryan Le, has his own Twitch channel where he plays Fortnite Battle Royale. He’s also a musician who’s made plenty of music videos which is all featured on his popular YouTube channel. Being a YouTube personality, Bryan was able to amass close to 11,000,000 subscribers over the years through his hard work and dedication to his subscribers. He’s brought that same dedication over to his Twitch channel where he sits at close to 500,000 subscribers.

On Twitch, RiceGum plays Fortnite Battle Royale. He’s quite good at the game, but even better than that he’s a great conversationalist. This ties in with his angle that he uses on his Twitch stream by featuring Instagram models on his stream. While RiceGum plays Fortnite, he’s accompanied by a new Instagram Model where he has discussions (sometimes heavy ones) about any topic. One of the reasons RiceGum is so popular is because he includes his audience in on the conversation.

His viewers can submit questions to him, and it doesn’t matter what the question is, RiceGum will mention it.

Instagram Model Insults RiceGum?
Instagram Model Insults RiceGum on Fortnite Battle Royale Says He's Too Short Game
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During one of RiceGum’s Fortnite streams he was accompanied by Instagram model Iris D Diaz (@irisddiaz). At one point of the conversation the topic of height came up. It’s unclear if a viewer brought it up, or if RiceGum decided to talk about it but he decides to poke fun at irisddiaz and say he’s 4’11 (he’s actually 6’0).

“It’s crazy because I’m 4’11” – RiceGum

After he said that, @irisddiaz said, “You’re too short.“, and giggled after her response. Since RiceGum isn’t actually 4’11, he also laughed at that. He was probably shocked with how blunt Iris D Diaz was on his Fortnite stream. He then made a reference to Sponge Bob, asking her if she knows who that is.

Video clip of Instagram Model Insults RiceGum

What’s great about his streams is that they are uncensored (for most of it) and fun to watch. conversations can get a little awkward, but this makes for great viewing. So did the Instagram Model Insults RiceGum?

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