Infinity Blade Bug Explained After Winter Royale Finals

Source: Epic Games

Reddit user gives excellent explanation and video showing the infinity blade bug and how to avoid it

High profiled Fortnite streamers have been very vocal against the Infinity Blade. Most notable, Liquid’s 72hrs, who lost his potential first place standing because of fall damage, wielding the blade. It was not just 72hrs who encountered bugs. More players below.
If you have not seen the clip, look at the kill feed, you can see 72hrs eliminating himself. He immediately took to twitter to voice his frustration. I am sure you have either seen the clip or read the tweet by now.

Casters mentioned that the 72hrs incident was not a bug, instead had to do with the animation of the sword. Reddit user, tinyfred, then posted a detailed video, of himself reenacting, high falls wielding the sword. The video confirms and shows you that that, indeed, it is an Infinity Blade Bug. The Bug occurs when your sword clips a wall or floor. Here is the video:

infinity blade bug
Source: Reddit|tinyfred

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Other Winter Royale Finalists With Bad Luck

72hrs, sudden death from an Infinity Blade bug, was not the only to have gotten burned during the finals. Another finalist, MSF Sheep, finishing 33rd with 2 points, died twice because of fall damage bugs.

Another finalist, Aipha Bot finishing 23rd with 3points, was also cut short of luck. While holding rotation with 38players left and 3kills in the game, his PC suddenly crashed. This was caught on stream while a calm Aipha Bot soaks in what just happens:


The introduction of the Infinity Blade right before the finals was a head scratch, but let’s put all the bugs and mishaps aside for a moment. This was not a LAN event, this was 1 million dollars playing from the comfort of your own home. We had over 9 million players try to qualify. These type of tournaments can make dreams a reality for an amateurs trying to go pro.

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