How To Upgrade Weapons In Fortnite Chapter 2

How To Upgrade Weapons In Fortnite Chapter 2
  • Epic Games just added a new and game-changing mechanic to Fortnite. Players can upgrade their weapons in Fortnite now which has never been done before.

With the new Fortnite Chapter 2 in place, many players are discovering new mechanics in the game that wasn’t publicized. Apparently, upgrading your weapon is an added feature in the game. Players are able to upgrade their weapons and they can get better weapons eventually. This is going to change the game.

How Do You Upgrade Your Weapons In Fortnite

Basically you can upgrade your weapon Rarity to get a better weapon by just going to a weapon upgrade station around the map. You can find these around the map. However, it does have a cost. For example, you are upgrading a gray weapon to a green one. You just need to give 50 Wood, 50 Bricks and 50 metals. This will allow you to upgrade your weapon. But if you want to upgrade higher it is more costly. For example, you want to upgrade from a green weapon to a blue one. You need to give a hundred and fifty per each material. This is an interesting feature and most of the player base did not expect something like this to come into the game.

You can upgrade weapons? Found in Craggy Cliffs. from FortNiteBR


This will allow players, especially at the end game to have better weapons, even if they were unlucky in the beginning. Which is going to be an interesting thing. Also, the change of shotgunloot will affect the game a lot. Players can also find weapons from water. Therefore everybody will have a fighting chance. Fortnite’s weapon upgrades adds a whole new dynamic to the game, and we will definitely see more from the competitive side of things.

Also, even though you’re sacrificing some materials, you’re gaining with the Fortnite weapon upgrade. Nobody wants to run around with a gray assault rifle. We think this is going to be a very good change into the game and the strategies are going to be forcing people to use some materials in order to get better weapons, especially around mid-game towards the end game. This will eliminate basic luck RNG from the game.

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