How To Get Your Fortnite Season Recap

Epic has introduced a way for players to view a short video showing their previous season stats called Fortnite Season Recap 

Fortnite players had the option to view the previous season stats through a “highlights” screenshot once the season was over. Starting at the end of Season 6, Epic now sends you a customized video with different stats recapping your season. You can call it a mini highlight reel.

Epic’s custom video stats includes:

  • Top teammate (judged by the mist number of matches played with a friend)
  • Favorite Emote
  • Time in Air
  • Number of kills
  • Top Pet choice
  • Top weapon choice
  • Favorite landing spot
  • Number of structures built
  • And much much more…
How do you get it?
  1. Season 6 BattlePass Needed: First and foremost, you can receive the video only if you had purchased the Season 6 BattlePass . Players who purchased the Season 7 BattlePass are not eligible for the season 6 recap.
  2. Complete 20 weekly challenges: Players should have completed a minimum of 20 weekly challenges in season 6. If you had purchased the Season 6 BattlePass near the start, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  3. Sign up for their newsletter: The final requirement is to subscribe to their newsletters. If you have complied with the above two requirements go to epic games websites, sign into your Epic account from the homepage. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and Click SIGN UP FOR FORTNITE NEWS. Below is an image of what you need to look for:

How to get your fortnite season recap

(Check your email to confirm that you receive Epic newsletters in your Inbox and not the Spam folder.)

What does the Fortnite Season Recap Video consist of?

If you are reluctant to sign up to the newsletter, you need to know that this is not a UNIQUE recap video. Players do not get any actual game footage or highlights. It’s a basic montage, using the standard Fortnite cinematic, tailored to the players stats.  Here is an example of what a video looks like, the recaps are 60 seconds long:

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