How to Fix The Fortnite Texture Issues

How to Fix The Fortnite Textures Issues

Epic Games is getting blamed by players for textures not loading in Fortnite Battle Royale. Let’s look at possible solutions for this problem.

How to Fix The Fortnite Texture Issues In-Game

In the beginning, Fortnite Battle Royale got off on the right foot. The game was easily playable on low-end computers. Unlike PUBG, which was a ram consuming monster, Fortnite didn’t require the same power to play. On top of it all,  there were no issues on consoles whatsoever. Players never reported problems due to the graphics as the game had lesser buildings and ram consuming objects. However, after Season 5 there was a problem with rendering the game textures. This problem was not very prominent and usually solvable by dropping your settings a little bit lower. However, as seasons passed, this problem became more and more prevalent. But with the new Season 9 release, specifically on the PS4, textures not loading has become a chronic problem.

How Can You Tell the Textures Are Not Loading?

So how do you know your textures are not loading properly? Or you have render issues? If you’re looking at objects or buildings that do not have crisp textures (such as the image example below), you might be having textures not loading problem. Objects and buildings can also show themselves suddenly appearing out of thin air. These issues can be problematic when you’re in a gun battle as well. But you don’t need to worry as these problems are generally solvable.

Epic Games forum Players Complaining Texture Fortute
Source: Epic Games Forum
Lock Your FPS

These issues, if you’re on PC, are much easier to solve. First thing you can try is to lock/cap your FPS. This is a fairly simple procedure. Instead of in-game FPS capping, players can also create custom framerates with this technique shown in the video below. Many users have been giving positive reviews using the method in the video.

Install Fortnite to SSD

SSD’ s were very expensive back in the day, however, they’ve become more affordable now. You can buy an SSD and put your favorite games into it. This will cut down loading screens and render issues to a minimum. You can check for online deals at specific retails shops like Best-Buy and Wal-Mart, or you could check Amazon / eBay for price comparisons. Do note that you should consider seller’s feedback if you decide to go down that route.

Lower The Graphics Settings

Maybe you have never tried lowering down your video settings. Try to make them lower and see if it helps.

Also, you can try to change these settings from your Nvidia or AMD settings. Here’s an example of how it would look like.

Fixing Fortnite Texture Problems
Image Source: Digital Trends
Update Your Drivers

Most players do not realize that this can be the actual problem, and cause a bottleneck even if you did not update a piece in your computer. Try to update your drivers regularly. Here’s an example of how To update your display driver in Windows 10 (video).

In the end, the problem might be happening because of Epic Games, which is what many users at the Epic Games Forum are stating, and we simply need to wait for a hotfix or a patch. Hopefully, this guide will be helpful to all fellow gamers.

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