How To Find The Best Fortnite Free Agents

How To Find The Best Fortnite Free Agents

If you are a Fortnite free agent and think you have what it takes to become a pro, then you need to see this list.

FNGamepedia contributor @Rosenfole is taking Fortnite free agency to a whole different level. He has been building a power ranking list of the best Fortnite players who are not signed to an organization. The power rankings are simple, as it only consists of online events. Ranking based on where Fortnite players finished during the Winter Royale and Share The Love events.

Although offline events are where the biggest events are held, Fortnite is very different. With their online tournaments, amateur players stand a chance of getting their skills and names recognized by big organizations.

Best Fortnite Free Agents

The first list of free agents strictly shows results of the 2 most recent online events, depending on where players placed during the Winter Royale and STL events. Rosen keeps the list updated as new events unfold and new players arise. Should an amateur player qualify or win an online event, his name can be added to the list.

The free agent list can be found here

Pro Power Rankings

Fortnite fans can also track power rankings of the best pro players from North America and Europe.

Fortnite Power Rankings
Source: Power_Rankings:Rosenfole

Here is a link to the full power rankings

This is a good chance for anyone who plays Fortnite and think they can become a pro because with Fortnite World Cup around the corner, qualifying will be open for all.

Rosen’s list is a perfect way to monitor what great players are out there unsigned. Vinny1x was a free agent before signing with TSM, then winning the ESL Fortnite tournament just a week later.

It is nice to see someone taking the time to track fortnite amateurs trying to get recognized and live out their dreams of becoming pros.

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