How To Enter DreamHack Fortnite Dreamcup Tournament

How To Enter DreamHack Sevilla Fortnite Dreamcup Tournament

How To Enter DreamHack Fortnite Dreamcup Tournament.

DreamHack’s Fortnite tournament registration is still open to the public. If you play Fortnite on PC and can get a duo over to Spain by mid December, then why not take a crack at the €10,000 prize pool. The DreamHack Fortnite Dreamcup Tournament.

This article will cover everything you need to know about Fortnite Dreamcup Sevilla 2018 that runs from December 12-16. If you have the money, the drive and the grind to grow your Fortnite career and turn pro, DreamHack is a great place to showcase your skills and get your name out there. Find a way to get to Spain if you can.

This article will cover how to enter, where to watch and whats to win….Let’s jump right into it.

I did attend DreamHack Montreal this summer and had a blast. It was my first DreamHack and the event ran smooth, I bought the full 3 day package. GameLife has gamers from all over the world so I thought why not cover the Sevilla DreamHack.


Registration for the Fortnite Dreamcup closes in a couple of weeks, but the good news is there is still room to enter your duo. As of today, only half the teams have filled. (I will be providing all the links at then end of this article to make your lives easier to find what you need)

Fortnite DreamHack Sevilla

We can clearly see, there is still half the registration to be filled. Below is what pro teams and players have confirmed registration:

Fortnite Pro teams entering Dreamcup

( VG Tedi/Xisma our my choice of winners for the event)



You are going to need to purchase the LAN entry to the show before you can register your team. Prices range from 65,00€ or VIP 105,00€  (73USD or 119USD). PRO TIP… don’t pay for the VIP. All you get is first reserve position and some collectibles from the show. There is no perk for VIP on sleeping areas. Remember guys, you are sleeping there for 2 nights.)



Duo Tournament –  Prizepool: € 10,000 or 11,000 USD

  • 1st place: € 6,000 *
  • 2nd place: € 3,000 *
  • 3rd place: € 1,000 *



Watch live video from dreamhackspain on


Here is a link to the official site for all info you need for the event: Dreamcup-Sevilla

In conclusion, there are ton of tournaments you can enter online. However, a LAN tourney, big stage, many spectators is a complete different feel. This is a major step for the players out there who want to take their Fortnite careers to the next level. You need to find out if you have the mental toughness to play in live events.

If any GameLifers will be entering the tourney, please post your DUO name in the comments below so that we can follow your progress.

Good luck to all who will be playing and will enter the DreamHack Fortnite Dreamcup Tournament.


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