How to Configure Stretch Resolution For Fortnite

Stretch Resolution For Fortnite

Many pros are switching to stretch resolution for Fortnite, here is how to do it. 

Many players like to lower their graphic quality to achieve higher FPS. Over the last couple of months many Fortnite pros have started to test and love stretch resolution. Although stretch is trending for Fortnite, other titles like Counter-Strike has seen competitive players using it for many years now.

The task of configuring Fortnite to stretch res can be pesky if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. Here are the steps to follow for simple configuration instructions.

Benefits of Screen Stretching

First of all, stretching will take some getting used to. The main benefit of stretching res is larger opponents, which simplifies head shots. On top of it, there is also an FPS increase. An FPS increase is very important as it affects the fluidity of your game.

Some players explain that stretch resolution does not make the characters larger, stating a placebo effect. Other players claim that screen stretching for CS: GO is very different than Fortnite. They state that CS: GO stretches the screen but Fortnite only changes the Vertical FOV (Field of View). More on the subject can be read  here.

With Fortnite players like Ninja, Tfue, 72hrs and Myth all falling in love with stretch, there seems to be a major trend.


Here are the steps to follow to get stretch resolution for Fortnite.

How to Configure Stretch Resolution For Fortnite?

Step 1

  • Press Windows Key + R to bring up Run.
  • Write in %localappdata% into the search bar and press Enter.
  • Locate the FortniteGame folder and open it.
  • Locate the Saved folder and open it.
  • Open the Config folder.
  • Locate the WindowsClient folder and open it.
  • Locate GameUserSettings.ini file. Before opening the file make a backup.
  • Open GameUserSettings.ini

Next step you is to locate this line, so you can start to experiment different settings.





Many players have the default native 1920×1080. Our suggestion for stretch resolution is 1440×1080. Your sensitivity may feel different after changing resolution. Also to note, some screen resolutions will cause your crosshairs to become invisible. Just make sure to have you file backed up in case you make changes and need to revert back.

Step 2 for Nvidia Graphics Cards
  • Open NVIDIA control panel.
  • Press change resolution under display


  • Press customize
  • Select create a custom resolution
  • Click accept and put in the values you wrote in the first step
  • Once your custom resolution is made you should see it as an option in the customize screen. Check your custom resolution.
  • Go to adjust desktop size and position under display
  • Adjust the scaling to Full-screen and select GPU in the  menu that says perform scaling on, then choose your custom resolution in the box
  • Approve ‘override the scaling mode set by games and programs’

Here is a short one minute video covering both steps above:

If you have an AMD Graphics Card, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Radeon settings and click on display
  • Check scaling mode and set it to full panel
  • Locate custom resolutions you should see a create button, press it
  • Click create and put in the values you wrote in the first step
  • The custom resolution should now appear under the custom resolutions
  • Right-click  on your desktop and choose display settings
  • Choose your custom resolution

Some say it does not help and while others love it. While some players complain stating its not right to have an advantage over other players. There is no doubt that if a players takes his Fortnite gaming serious, they should at least try stretch res and see how they feel. Many players make the change to stretch then go back to native. Play around with different settings and get a feel for what works best.

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