How To Complete A Lap Of The Race Track in Happy Hamlet Challenge

Complete A Lap Of The Race Track in Happy Hamlet Challenge
Complete A Lap Of The Race Track in Happy Hamlet Challenge
The Happy Hamlet race track challenge is one of the best Fortnite challenges of season 8, here is how to do it.

Another week, another set of Fortnite challenges but this Free Challenge of Week 5 simply tops any a challenge Epic has released in a long time. First off, did you even realize there was a race track in Happy Hamlet? Probably not because of how unpopular of a destination it is. However, the new challenge makes it worth while by combining a race track and 4 ballers.

Here is how to find the race track in Happy Hamlet and what you need to do to complete the challenge.

Happy Hamlet Race Track Location

The track is very simple to find and there is no way you can miss it. Located just north west of happy hamlet, you can either travel by small mountains or even take the path from the center of Happy Hamlet. The path from the town will take you right to the Race Track starting line.

RaceTrack Located just North West of Happy Hamlet
RaceTrack Located just North West of Happy Hamlet
Completing the challenge
Completing the Fortnite Race track challenge
TIP: Your Baller must stay inside the circles when completing your lap

Jump into a Baller and look up at the clock. Do not leave right away as you must wait for all lights to go green, before moving forward. Follow the path and complete 1 full lap, making sure to keep your Baller inside all rings on the track.

Video of Challenge

You will know if you have successfully completed the challenge when Fire Works explode in the sky above you at the finish line. Important, although there is room on the race track for 4 ballers, spawn rates vary. Sometimes you can have 3 while other times there can be 1. Also to note many players are trying to complete the challenge at the same time and because of this, players from the Happy Hamlet area take aim at shoot at players trying to complete the challenge. Be prepared for resistance as you attempt to complete a lap of the race track in happy hamlet challenge.

Enjoy, the challenge is so much fun.

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