How Ninja Met His Wife

how tyler ninja blevins met his wife gives breakup advice on twitch stream
Source: Ninja Twitter

Ninja gives his fans advice on breakups, how to deal with them and what to expect when it happens again

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins primarily known for his gaming skills and entertaining personality is on his 2019 Fortnite grind. Since the start of the new year, Ninja has been primarily voicing his opinion towards epic, getting drunk on stream and of course, responding to chat questions.

Ninja’s take on Breakups

During a recent stream, Ninja notices a comment in his chat, “Thank you for being live now, I just broke up with my girlfriend.” Ninja instantly replies to his fan by acknowledging that it is a tough phase to go through, but that’s life and have to move on from the situation while time passes. He also says that this might not be the last time he is going to get dumped in his life, it’ll keep happening and that’s normal, life moves on in the end.

He then pauses and gives his viewers some deep advice on how to handle life after relationship break ups. Here is the extended Clip:

The History of Ninja’s Relationships

As almost all Ninja fans are aware, Tyler married, then girlfriend, Jessica Goch on August 13 2017.

In December 2010, Ninja a Halo pro, was in a relationship and so was his current wife Jessica. A Halo Reach LAN event called Focus Fire was scheduled in Wisconsin. Ninja entered the event while Jessica was also planning on going. However, a week before the tournament Jessica broke up with her boyfriend but ended up attending the tournament anyways.

Ninja, being in a relationship, exchanged digits with Jessica but they did not pursue as a couple just yet. Here is an old clip from 2010 showing Ninja Winning the Halo Reach FFA at Focus Fire where he first met his wife.

Fast forward to 2013, after keeping in touch for nearly three years, Tyler and Jessica hit it off via twitter. Jessica tweets Ninja and he immediately responds to her via direct message. They marry on August 12 2017.

Ninja credits much of his success to his wife who helps manage the business side of Twitch TV Ninja.

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