How NICKMERCS Reacted to Joe Rogan. “They Have Zero Life”

A hilarious moment happened during on of Nickmercs Fortnite streams. Nickmercs was watching an old video of Joe Rogan on his “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. Joe Rogan said gamers who can compete with a mouse and keyword “have zero life”. Here’s how Nickmercs reacted.

How NICKMERCS Reacted to Joe Rogan. “They Have Zero Life”

During one of Nickmercs Fortnite Battle Royale streams, he was randomly watching Youtube clips while playing. At one point, he stumbled upon a video of The Joe Rogan Experience when he tuned in to the part where Joe Rogan and his guests were talking about video games. Joe Rogan’s assistant started things off saying, “You’d be surprised but there are a few guys that can compete with a mouse and keyboard.” This is when things got interesting.

Here’s Joe Rogan’s Take on Competitive Gamers

Joe Rogan then took over and gave his thoughts saying, “I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m sure they can but they have zero life and they don’t even know what a pu*** looks like“. At this point Nickmercs laughed out loud, and looked into the camera with a shocked face. Joe Rogan is known for shock comments, and he’s hard to read if he’s serious or not when making those type of comments. But Nickmercs continued to listen in as everyone on the show was laughing from that comment.

NICKMERCS Shocked by Joe Rogan Comment Roasting Him No Life

We’re on Quake 4, but there’s Quake Champions that you can play online. We’ve been playing Quake 4 because we can set it up on what’s called a Local Area Network (LAN) and it’s real easy and there’s no latency. It’s direct from computer to computer.” Joe continued to say. His assistant then said, “this thing with one guy is he’s a real aggressive workout dude, he’s a video game player very popular.” Joe says, “he’s really good?“. “Yeah his name is Nickmercs.” That’s when Joe said, “I’m only kidding. I’m sure he get’s pu***“.

Brendan Schaub Steps in

Brendan Schaub, who was in front of Joe said, “There’s some good looking dudes.” He continued to say, “Those kids make bank, and get hot chicks“.

Although Joe Rogan was mostly joking with his comment, it was quite funny seeing how Nickmercs reacted to the comment as he was laughing the entire time. Nickmercs knows Joe was joking around. The odd thing about this clip is that Nickmercs seemed to have seen this old clip of Joe Rogan for the first time, when it had gone viral in the video game world many months ago. When you’re as busy as Nickmercs, it’s hard to keep up-to-date.

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