How NICKMERCS Almost Punched Ninja

nickmercs and ninja fight

Ninja and NickMercs have a lot of history amongst themselves with an old incident almost leading to Nickmercs punching Ninja.

Ninja and NickMercs hit their celebrity status playing Fortnite attracting millions of viewers to watch their live streams and videos. Before Fortnite, not many knew about either of the two streamers.

Ninja plays Fortnite on a state of the art PC right now, but years back he was among the best Halo (Xbox title) players on the planet. NickMercs at the same time, is considered one of the best console players on the planet and plays Fortnite with a PS4 controller.

Back in the day, both of these players had crossed paths during quite a few tournaments, but their first meeting almost set fireworks.

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Here’s Ninja’s version

It all started when both Ninja and NickMercs were scheduled for a tournament. Towards the build up of the tournament, Ninja and his team had trash talked and got Nick and his team all fired up.

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Nick apparently hunts him down at the venue and confronted him at his gaming station. Nick asked Ninja and his team to step outside so that they fight it out “old school” style. Ninja apparently laughed it off stating it was just “game talk” and nothing more. He says that Nick took it too personally and that’s what led to the confrontation.


NickMercs side of the story

NickMerc’s edition to this story is very similar. The whole episode starts off with Ninja taunting Nick’s team. Throughout Nick’s narration he keeps insisting that Ninja was absolutely “Toxic” and the language that kept coming out from his mouth was unacceptable. He just wanted to meet Ninja, start a fight and send a message.

Nick also says that this happened when Nick was around 20 years of age and at that point of time Nick was into Boxing as well. All of this built up emotion against ninja was just a hit away and Nick had prepared had for this day.

Nick says that Ninja teams members would still like to punch because of the drama that occurred that day.

Here’s a preview of Nick’s edition of the story.

Friends Ever Since

All of this happened during a Halo competition. Ninja has now moved on from console to PC and looks like he’s never coming back to console.

Right now ninja and NickMercs are are good friends. Nick never thought that this incident see the light, but during Ninja’s stream, Ninja talks about it and later that day Nick makes sure the full story is out and not a micro version of the story.

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