New Patch-Update and a Free Glider for Fortnite users.

Fortnite Battle Royale epic free glider

The secret behind Fortnite’s rapid success is the ever evolving changes that the game introduces almost every two weeks.

New items introductions into the game with data miners getting information with regards to items that are set to be released.

The final update version of v7.10 is set for download on Tuesday.

What changes can we expect in the update?

The drift board was a big announcement last month. Due to stability issues, Epic had to postpone the launch. We can expect to see this item an action next week with the final edition of the v7.10 update.

Nerfs might happen to both the X4-Stormwing and the boombox, as the whole Epic community is complaining about them.

In previous leaked renders, the machine-pistol was shown. This pistol is yet to make an appearance in Fortnite and possibly make it in next week’s update.

As always, with the launch of an update data miners instantly get into action to uncover leaks for the upcoming weeks.

Epic apologizes and is set to reward its users with a free glider. Are you eligible?

In a recent tweet, Epic has apologized for conveying the wrong end dates to the “14 days of Fortnite” event. Some may have not even noticed this but Epic did miscommunicate the official end-dates in some of their social media platforms.

So basically, Epic is set to reward you with a free glider.

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